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Vestrahorn Mountain

Vestrahorn is a mountain located in South East Iceland. It is 454 m high with spiky peaks. Vesturhorn is best viewed from the Stokksnes peninsula. It is one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland. At the base of Vestrahorn is a lagoon and black beaches. At Stokksnes one can see black sand dunes with vegetation and grass. The black beach at the base is one of the most famous beaches in Iceland and is a very popular spot to take photographs. Do note that the nearby Viking coffeehouse charges a fee to access the area around the black beach. During Viking times, when Vikings sailed from Norway to Iceland, Vestrahorn Mountain was usually the first sight of Iceland they saw.

GPS: 64.255212, -14.994352


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Dwarfcliffs. Hexagonal basalt columns. According to local folklore, dwarves lived in the cliffs of this natural monument.
Natural attractions


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