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Þórshöfn (66°11’56.45″N ; 15°20’13.71″W) is a small village in Northeast Iceland, part of the municipal Langanesbyggð. It has a population of 360 people and the distance to Reykjavík of approximately 638 km ( 396 miles ).

The main industries are fishing and fish processing Porshöfn. Tourism has not reached this area of Iceland.


A list of guesthouses, youth hostels and camping can be found at:

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Service and leisure

Services include a grocery store, restaurant and coffee house.Leisure activities are salmon and trout fishing, guided hiking and bird watching tours.The Sauðaneshús museum, a 100 year old church estate gives insight into the way of living there 100 years ago. It also serves as a coffee house.

Annual festival

Katir dagar

The town festival “Kátir dagar” takes place in middle of July every year. This is a festival for the whole family with exhibitions, live music, hiking tours, and a lot more.


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