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Þorlákshöfn  (63°51’22.38″N  21°23’14.07″W) is a town in South Iceland, a part of the muncipality Ölfushreppur. It has a population of 1450 people. The distance to Reykjavik is 53 km ( 32 miles ). There is a daily scheduled bus between Reykjavík and Þorlákshöfn.


A list of guesthouses and camping sites can be found at : ( ).

Services and leisure

Services and leisure activities include a restaurant, coffee house, swimming pool, 18 hole golf course and a black beach tour. Close by is the church Strandarkirkja


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Gjárfoss og Gjáin

Gjárfoss and Gjáin Located in upper part of  Þjórsárdalur Valley in South Iceland at the edge of the Icelandic highlands. Gjáin is a small canyon

Hvítserkur sea stack is a basalt sea stack about 15 m high and close to the coast. It has two holes at its base, which give it the appearance of an animal drinking. Some say it resembles a dragon, an elephant or a rhino.
Natural attractions


Hvítserkur Sea Stack Located in North West Iceland on the Vatnsnes Peninsula. The distance from Reykjavik by road is 229 km (142 mi), approxymately 3


Foss á síðu

Foss á Síðu is located on the South East Coast of Iceland. Situated in river Fossá, which flows from lake Þórutjörn, it drops 30 metres