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Stóragjá rift

Located in North East Iceland, by Lake Mývatn not far away from the better known canyon Grjótagjá. Stóragjá is a little-known rift located in an old lava field near the village of Reykjahlíð. Inside the rift is a cave with geothermal water. One can descent down into the rift and walk between walls of lava until you come to the entrance of the cave into the geothermal pool. Rope and ladder has been fitted to make it easier to descent into the pool and the pool itself could easily fit a few people. Today ( 2018 )the temperature is close to 30 degrees C. Bathing however is not recommended due to E-coli bacteria.

GPS: 65.639138, -16.909711

Parking lot GPS:  65.639858, -16.909602


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