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Stöðvarförður (64°49’58.35″N  13°52’19.94″W) is a small village in East Iceland, situated by a fjord of the same name. The population is 200 and the distance from Reykjavík is 628 km ( 390 miles ).


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The guesthouse, Kirkjubær used to be a church. It is the only church in Iceland having a new role as a guesthouse. 

Services and leisure

Services and leisure activities include restaurants and coffee house, gallery, boat sailing and fishing and hiking tours. Petra´s stone mineral collection museum


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Hvolsvöllur (GPS  63°45’3.97″N   20°13’22.13″W) is a town in south Iceland, part of the municipality Rangárþing eystra. It has a population of 930 and the distance



Axlarfoss is located in South Iceland in the highlands north east of Mýrdalsjökull glacier not too far from the Syðri Fjallabak route. It is situated

Geothermal areas


Reykjafjarðarlaug Pool A swimming pool located in Reykjafjörður, a small fjord within the larger Arnafjörður in the Western Fjords. The water source is a hot