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Skógafoss is located in South Iceland, on the river Skógá. It is 62 metres high (203 feet) and 15 metres wide (50 feet). It falls from the cliffs of what was once the coastline of Iceland. Skógá is fed by meltwater from both Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull. In sunny days, a rainbow or even double rainbows are formed consistently due to the constant spray from Skógarfoss. At the east side of the waterfall are steps leading up to a viewing platform at the top of Skógarfoss. It is also the starting point of the famous hiking trail Fimvörðurháls trail, from Skógar to Þórsmörk.

GPS: 63.531024, -19.512526


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Selfoss is a part of the municipal Árborg along with the villages of Eyarbakki, Stokkseyri  and farms between them called Sandvíkurhreppur.  Selfoss is the largest

Natural attractions


Stakkholtsgjá  is  located close to the entrance of Þórsmörk . It is about 100metres high and a 2 km long canyon with a waterfall at



Þingeyri ( GPS 65°52’18.70″N 23°28’51.00″W) is located in the Westfjord of Iceland, by the fjord Dýrafjöður. It has a population of 250 people and the