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Sigöldufoss is located in the highlands of South Iceland. It is next to the power station, Sigölduvirkjun. It used to be a powerful glacial waterfall in the river Tugnaá. However after the power station was built decades ago, the waterfall has had much less volume and clear water. The water also has an exotic bluish colour in strong contrast to the surrounding area. Due to the power station being located next to Sigöldufoss, there is an asphalt road all the way to it from the ring road number 1.

GPS : 64.171128, -19.129185


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Eyrarbakki (GPS 63°51’48.83″N  21° 8’52.00″W) is a small village by the coast of south Iceland. It is part of Árborg municipality with a population of

Geothermal areas


Grettislaug Pool These are two man made rock pools built over a hot spring at Reykir, close to the town of Sauðarkrókur in North Iceland.



Seyðisfjörður (GPS  65°15’36.07″N 14° 0’29.81″W) is located in east Iceland, situated in the fjord of the same name. It has a population of 640 people