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Selfoss is a part of the municipal Árborg along with the villages of Eyarbakki, Stokkseyri  and farms between them called Sandvíkurhreppur.  Selfoss is the largest town in south Iceland  and the main service centre for trade and industry in the area. The population of Selfoss is approximately  8.000 people and it is one of the few inland towns or villages in Iceland. The distance from Reykjavik is   59 km ( 36.7 miles ).


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Services and leisure

Services in Selfoss include restaurants, coffee houses, grocery stores, health care, auto repair, liquor store,bank  and much more.

Leisure activities include an outdoor  swimming pool,  9 hole golf course, marked hiking trails leading to the mountain Ingólfsfjall with excellent views over that part of south Iceland.

Museums in Selfoss include Fischersetur, dedicated to the chess grandmaster and former World champion, Bobby Fischer. Fishing licenses can be purchased at the store Veiðisport tel +354 482 1506.

Annual Festival

Kótelettan ( meaning the lamb chop )

This is a BBQ and music festival in Selfoss happening on  the second weekend in June every year. Main highlights include live music, BBQ competition and a farmers market.

Sumar á Selfossi Sumar á Selfossi means  summer in Selfoss. It is a family festival taking place on the second weekend in August every year.Activities include an open BBQ for everyone, live music  including many young talented musicians , fireworks exhibition and a  handicraft market to name few.


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