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Reyðarfjöður (GPS  65° 1’59.80″N 14°13’9.25″W) is located in East Iceland, part of the municipality Fjarðarbyggð. Reyðarfjörður is situated by a fjord with the same name. Reyðarfjörður fjord is the longest fjord on the east coast of Iceland. It has a population of 1200 and the distance from Reykjavík is 677 kmm (420 miles ). The TV series, ´ Fortitude´ was filmed in Reyðarfjörður. In 2015, CNN named Reyðarfjörður as one of the 10 places to visit before it´s changed forever.


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Services and leisure activities include restaurants, coffee houses, swimming pool, 9 hole golf course, hiking tracks, bird watching and a WWII museum


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Raufarhöfn (GPS  66°27’7.22″N  15°56’59.43″W) is located in North East Iceland on the peninsula Melrakkarslétta, a part of the municipality Norðurþing. It has a population of

Lóndrangar are a pair of volcanic, basalt sea stacks, 75m and 61 m high. Lóndrangar are home to many seabirds such as puffins.
Natural attractions

Lóndrangar Sea Stacks

Lóndrangar Sea Stacks Snæfellsnes Penisula GPS: 64.733233, -23.783337 The Lóndrangar sea stacks are located on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in West Iceland, and are within the



Kópasker (GPS  66°18’6.43″N 16°26’40.20″W) is a small village located in northeast Iceland, situated by the eastern side of the fjord Öxarjörður. It has a population