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Raufarhöfn (GPS  66°27’7.22″N  15°56’59.43″W) is located in North East Iceland on the peninsula Melrakkarslétta, a part of the municipality Norðurþing. It has a population of 180. The distance from Reykjavík is 611 km ( 379 miles ).  It is possible to take a bus to Raufarhöfn from Reykjavík. Raufarhöfn is the most northerly village or town in Iceland, and therefore has the longest day during the summer, and the shortest during the winter.


The Hotel, guesthouse and camping site are located by the swimming pool.

Services and leisure

Services and leisure activities include restaurant, salmon and trout fishing, horse rental, waymarked hiking trails, art gallery.

Annual festival

A Cultural weekend takes place on the last weekend in September. A wide range of activites including live concerts, movies, and on Sunday, the local farmers have a ram exhibition, showing their rams. This is also a trading exhibition for the farmers.


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Geothermal areas


Laugarvallarlaug geothermal Pool Laugarvallarlaug geothermal pool is located in the green valley of Laugarvalladalur in North East Iceland close to the river Jökulsá í Dal.



Neðrifoss Neðrifoss is located in Vopnafjörður in the North East of Iceland. It is situated in Gljúfurá and drops into a canyon with high cliffs.



Seyðisfjörður (GPS  65°15’36.07″N 14° 0’29.81″W) is located in east Iceland, situated in the fjord of the same name. It has a population of 640 people