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Rauðisandur Beach

Located in the Western Fjords. Rauðisandur is a 10 km long beach with red sand which runs from the Látrabjarg cliffs in the West, to the Skorarhlíðar mountains in the East and faces Breiðarjfjörður Bay to the South. The name Rauðisandur means red sand. The sand gets its colour from the shells of the Icelandic Scallop” which is quite common in Breiðafjörður Bay. The hues of the sand change with the light and weather, from white to yellow to red. The road leading to Rauðisandur is a gravel road and quite steep. There is a camping site with shower and toilets at Rauðisandur.

GPS: 65.445847, -23.953342


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