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Rauðfelldsgjá Gorge

Located on the south side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, Rauðfelldsgjá is a deep, narrow gorge on the eastern side of Botnsfjall mountain. A small stream named Sleggjubeina, runs through the gorge. There is a short walking trail to the gorge from the car park and it is possible to enter the gorge through a narrow crack in the cliff wall. From the parking lot it is about 10 minutes walk to the entrance of the gorge. Upon entering into a small cave, a stream of water can be seen and it is possible to go further into the gorge by following the stream. There is a rope where one can climb up a small waterfall. Going further one can see open air when looking up within a narrow space surrounded by cliffs.

GPS: 64.799128, -23.643444

Parking lot GPS: 64.798201, -23.637713


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