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Patreksfjörður is located in the Westfjords (GPS 65.597079, -24.002243). It is a small village in a fjord of the same name.It is situated along the northern side, right in the middle of the fjord. The population is 690 people. The distance from Reykjavik by road is 390 km (242 miles), an expected drive of 5 hours depending on weather and how many stops are made. Historically over hundreds of years, Patreksfjörður has always been a trading village in the area of the South Westfjords. Like many other villages and towns in Iceland, the population did not increase until the late 19th century. Main industries in Patreksfjordur include fishing and fish processing, but salmon farming, and tourism are fast growing areas in the region.


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Services and leisure

Services in Patreksfjordur include resturants, coffee houses, pharmacy , bank , auto repair , grocery store and a State controlled liquor store.

Leisure activities include guided tours in Jeeps, 4 wheel motorbikes, bikes, sailing, rod fishing and hiking.

Annual Festivals

Skjalborgarhátíð (

Skjaldborgarhátið, a filmfestival for icelandic documentaries occurs in late May every year. It premiers   Icelandic documentaries, and is a perfect meeting place for filmmakers and people with interest in documentaries.

Fishermen´s day

Fishermen´s day is a festival occuring on the 1st Sunday in June everywhere in Iceland.Interestingly , some villages take it more seriously than others. In Paterksfjörður it is a 4 day festival, and has been so since the year 1941. The whole village is decorated and various programms and activies are offered for kids and adults. There is a village market, guided hiking, strongest man competition, sailing in the fjord, golf competition and much more. A must see!


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Geothermal areas

Mývatn Nature Bath

Jarðböð Mývatn Located in North Iceland, close to Lake Mývatn, this is a man-made lagoon for bathing and relaxing, similar to the famous Blue lagoon.



Goðafoss  is located in North East Iceland. This waterfall  is of the river Skjálfandafljót, drops  12 metres and over a width of 30 meters. It



Bíldudalur is located at the Westfjords (GPS N65° 41′ 8.19″ W23° 35′ 56.60″). It is situated on the south side of the fjord Arnarfjörður which