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Ófærufoss is located in the river Nyðri-Ófæra in central Iceland and falls in two cascades into the Eldgjá canyon. Elgjá is a 40 km long eruptive fissure, approximately 600 metres wide in many places and up to 200 metres deep. It last erupted in the year 934. As it is one of the waterfalls in the Highlands and close to a mountain road, it can be accessed from the beginning of July to the beginning of September. It is highly advised to drive a well equipped 4×4 WD SUV. From the car park in Eldgjá it is about a 3 km walk to the waterfall depending on how close one wants to get.

Parking lot GPS: 63.951577, -18.638406


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Litlanesfoss is located in North East Iceland next to the Lagarfljót Lake and close to the largest forest in Iceland, Hallormstaðarskógur. It is 30 meters



Stöðvarförður (64°49’58.35″N  13°52’19.94″W) is a small village in East Iceland, situated by a fjord of the same name. The population is 200 and the distance



Djúpivogur (GPS: 64.665701, -14.282775) is a small village located in East Iceland on a peninsula on the fjord Berufjörður. The peninsula separates the fjords Berufjörður