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Norðurfjörður  (GPS 66° 3’3.88″N  21°32’58.67″W) is located in the Westfjords, on the northwest side in an area called Strandir. This is the least populated municipality in Iceland with a population of 50 people. The distance from Reykjavík is 336 km ( 208 miles ), the last 84 km is gravel road. Please check road conditions before traveling to Norðurfjörður, especially during the winter.


A list of guesthouses, cottages and camping sites can be found at : (

Services and leisure

It is a 15 min walk to a restaurant that offers local fish and lamb dishes. Other services include a gas station and a grocery store. Just 3 km away from Norðurfjörður, is the stand alone seaside geothermal swimming pool, named Krossaneslaug. .


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Geothermal areas

Gamla laugin

Gamla laugin- The Secret Lagoon. The Secret Lagoon is located in Hverahólmar  in the village Flúðir. It has been connected to the Golden Circle since



Búðardalur is in West Iceland (GPS N65° 6′ 31.41″ W21° 45′ 54.79″) It has a population of 280 people.The distance from Reykjavík is 153 km



Gluggafoss is in South Iceland, the waterfall of Merkjá River and drops 45 meters. Glugga means window, The upper half of the cliff of Gluggafoss