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Neskaupstaður ( GPS:  65.147211, -13.715572 ) is a town on the east coast of Iceland. It has a population of 1500 people and its distance from Reykjavík is 716 km ( 444 miles ).


A list of hotels, guesthouses, airbnbs, and camping sites can be found at : ( ) .

Service and leisure

Services and leisure activities include restaurants, swimming pool, 9 hole golf course, fishing in the river Norðfjarðaá, horse rental, guided hiking tours.

Annual festival


The heavy metal rock festival “Eistnaflug” takes places on the second weekend of July every year. It is an indoor festival where rock, metal, punk and indie bands perform, featuring over 60 bands.


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Gerðuberg is a cliff of basalt columns (hexagonal rock structures) about 500 m long.
Natural attractions


Gerðuberg basalt columns is located in West Iceland on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Gerðuberg is a cliff of basalt columns (hexagonal rock structures) about 500 m



Ólafsfjörður (GPS 66° 4’19.47″N  18°39’12.80″W) is located in North Iceland on the Tröllaskaga peninsula, part of the municipality Fjallbyggð. It has a population of 780

Natural attractions


Grjótagjá Canyon Located in North East Iceland, by Lake Mývatn. A small cave with a geothermal hot spring. It used to be a popular bathing