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Laugarvallarlaug geothermal Pool

Laugarvallarlaug geothermal pool is located in the green valley of Laugarvalladalur in North East Iceland close to the river Jökulsá í Dal. It is a pool fed by a geothermal stream from a nearby hot spring. A waterfall falls from a cliff into the natural pool. It is ideal to take a shower in the waterfall or relax in the pool. The temperature is close to 40 degrees Celsius (104 F).  From Egilstaðir there is a good asphalt road to Kárahnjúkar hydro dam and from there it is approximately 7 km to Laugarvallalaug pool. Be aware though that this 7 km is very rough gravel road and a 4×4 WD is needed. Close to the pool is a small camping site and to get there one has to cross a small creek which is easily done by most 4×4 WD SUV. From the camping site it is just a few minutes walk to the Laugarvallarlaug geothermal pool.

Camping site GPS: 65.005794, -15.764819


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