Látrabjarg Cliffs

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Látrarbjarg Cliffs

Látrabjarg is located in the southern Western Fjords. It is the most westerly point of Iceland and also one of the most westerly points of Europe. Iceland´s greatest concentration of seabirds can be seen at Látrabjarg, with millions of birds. It has the largest colony of Razorbills in the world and is Europe’s largest bird cliff. It is one of the largest sea bird cliffs in the world where one can view puffins, Razorbills, northern gannets, and guillemot; Its about 14 km long and up to 440 m high. Access to Látrarbjarg is by a 36 km long gravel road. It is not recommended to drive the gravel road unless you have 4×4. There is a parking lot by the lighthouse and from there are walking paths by the edge, where one can get closer to watch the birds perched on the edge. There is a painted caution line in the grass so people dont get too close to the edge of the cliff. Please heed the warning and stay behind the white line for safety.

 Parking lot GPS: 65.502484, -24.529289


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