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Landbrotalaug is a small, natural, geothermal pool with room for 3-4 people. The water temperature is about 40° C (104 F) and the water is deep enough to cover your body. It is located close to the main road from Borgarnes to Snæfellsnes, but can be quite difficult to find. From the car park one has to cross stepping stones over a small shallow river. From Borgarnes take road number 54 towards the town of Stykkishólmur at Snæfellsnes peninsula, drive for about 40 km and turn right close to the farm Skjálgur. It is about a 1 km long gravel road. From the parking lot is it just about 50 meters walk to the pool.

Parking lot GPS: 64.833171, -22.316454


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Þingeyri ( GPS 65°52’18.70″N 23°28’51.00″W) is located in the Westfjord of Iceland, by the fjord Dýrafjöður. It has a population of 250 people and the

Geothermal areas

Blue Lagoon

Located on the Reykjanes Peninsula in a lava field close to Keflavík Airport. It is about 7,000 square metres (75,300 square feet), and 1.4 metres


Gljúfrabúi winter

Glúfrabúi waterfall is located in South Iceland just few hundred meters from the better known waterfall Seljalandsfoss. It is about 40 metres high ( 130