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Kópasker (GPS  66°18’6.43″N 16°26’40.20″W) is a small village located in northeast Iceland, situated by the eastern side of the fjord Öxarjörður. It has a population of 115. The distance from Reykjavík is 577 km ( 358 miles ). There is a bus service that connects the town of Akureyri and Kópsasker.


A list of Hostels, airbnbs and camping sites can be found at : (http://tjalda.is/en/kopasker/). There are also more acommodation options in about a 50 km radius from Kópasker.

Services and leisure

Services and leisure activities include restaurant, swimming pool, 9 hole golf course, the Earthquake center in Kópasker:


The stunning Ásbyrgi, and the waterfalls Dettifoss and Hafragilsfoss are found a short distance away from Kopasker.  You can see these on our website.


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