Kolugljúfur – Kolu Gorge

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Kolugljúfur is a gorge in the Víðidalur river in North West Iceland. It’s about 1 km long and up to 25 meters deep. Several waterfalls can be found in the gorge, the best known is Kolufoss. A popular spot to view the gorge is the bridge that crosses it just above Kolufoss. According to legend the canyon is named after a female troll called Kola who lived near this bridge. Distance from Reykjavik is about 200 km and it takes 2 ours and 40 minutes to drive there. Distance from Hvammstangi is 23 km and it takes about 22 minutes to drive there.

Be aware as Kolugljúfur has become a popular tourist attraction over the last few years. Tourists tend to get too close to the edge of the canyon. The Icelandic Tourist Bureau has listed Kolugljúfur as one of the most dangerous tourist spots in Iceland.

GPS: 65.332276, -20.571365


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