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Klifbrekkufossar are located in Mjóifjörður on the East Coast of Iceland in the river Fjarðará. Klifbrekkufossar are made up of tiers of waterfalls that fall 90 meters (295 feet) down green, grassy slopes surrounded by mountain cliffs. Between the towns of Egilstaðir and Reyðarfjörður on the ringroad 1, there is a intersection to road 953 that leads to Mjóifjörður. That road is usually closed during the winter  and the few residents that live in Mjóifjörður have to take a boat to the town Neskaupsstaður if they want to leave Mjóifjörður during the winter time.

GPS: 65.182733, -14.071354


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Hljóðaklettar means rocks that echo  due to accoustic effects. It is located in North East Iceland. It is in Jökulsárgljúfur Canyon which is part of