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Ketubjörg Sea Cliffs

Located in North West Iceland on the Skagi peninsula, north of the town of Sauðarkrókur. Ketubjörg are sea cliffs which are the remains of an ancient volcano with rocks dating from the early Ice age. The cliffs are about 122 m high and parts of them are almost vertical. The Ketubjörg waterfall drops 120m into the sea from Ketubjörg cliffs. From road 744 between towns of Blönduós and Sauðárkrókur, take road 745. Road 745 is mostly a gravel road. However it is a reasonably good gravel road so 4×4 WD cars are not required when visiting Ketubjörg during the summer period.

GPS: 66.028844, -20.005824


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