Keflavík (Reykjanesbær)

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Reykjanesbær (GPS  63°59’42.17″N 22°32’56.22″W) is a municipality of 3 communities, Njarðvík, Keflavik and Hafnir which is about 20 km away from the other two. Njarðvík and Keflavík have grown together in the last decades, and is like one town today. The population of Reykjanesbær is about 15000 people, the third largest community outside the capital area. The distance from Reykjavik is 46 km ( 28 miles ).The main international airport in Iceland is Keflavík airport, it is just few km away from Reykjanesbæ. It takes its name from the town Keflavik, which is the largest community that makes up the Reykjanesbær municipality.


Hotels, guesthouses, airbnb and camping sites are available.

Services and leisure

Services and leisure activities include resturants, coffee houses, swimming pools, 18 hole golf course, guided hiking tours and boating . The Viking world museum, has a full size replica of a Viking ship .There is also theIcelandic museum of rock and roll . The duus museum hosts several exhibitions like the Reykjanes maritime center.

Annual festival


The town festival “ljósanótt” meaning night of lights is one of the biggest festival in Iceland. It takes place every year on the first weekend in September from Thursday to Sunday. Ljósanótt is Reykjanes´s family and cultural festival .The highlights are arts exhibitions, free traditional meat soup by the marina at Duusgata, a parade, outdoor concert and a firework display.


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Geothermal areas

Borholan í Kellingafjöllum

Borholan Kellingafjöll- Borholholan  Pool in The Kerlingafjöll Mountains The Kerlingafjöll Mountains are located close to Hofsjökull glacier on the highland route Kjalvegur. It used to



Bjarnarfoss is located on the south side of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in the river Bjarná. It falls 80 metres in two tiers from basalt cliffs.

Hvítserkur sea stack is a basalt sea stack about 15 m high and close to the coast. It has two holes at its base, which give it the appearance of an animal drinking. Some say it resembles a dragon, an elephant or a rhino.
Natural attractions


Hvítserkur Sea Stack Located in North West Iceland on the Vatnsnes Peninsula. The distance from Reykjavik by road is 229 km (142 mi), approxymately 3