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Ísafjörður (GPS 66° 4’29.39″N  23° 7’31.94″W) is located in the Westfjords, northwest of Iceland .It is the largest town of the municipality of Ísafjorður. The other villages are Þingeyri, Flateyri and Hnífsdalur. Ísafjörður town is the largest one of the Westfjords with a population of 2500 people,. The distance to Reykjavík is 456 km ( 283 miles ).

Tourist information office :  http://www.isafjordur.is/tourist_information_centre/ .


A list of hotels, guesthouses, airbnb and camping sites can be found at:   http://tjalda.is/en/tungudalur/

Services and leisure

Services and leisure activities include restauranta, bike rental, sea angling, kayak rental, guided hiking tours. Also check out the Isafjordur Maritime Museum: http://www.nedsti.is/

Annual festivals

Rock festival


The rock music festival is very popular and occurs over the Easter weekend every year. http://www.aldrei.is/)

The European championship in swamp soccer, held in late July every year:  (http://www.myrarbolti.com/english/)


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Geothermal areas


Seljavallalaug Pool It was built in 1923 and the first pool in Iceland to be used for swimming lessons. The pool is 25m x 10m



Sandgerði  (GPS  64° 1’50.39″N   22°41’17.52″W) is located in South West Iceland, on the Reykjanes peninsula. It has a population of 1540 and the distance to



Raufarhöfn (GPS  66°27’7.22″N  15°56’59.43″W) is located in North East Iceland on the peninsula Melrakkarslétta, a part of the municipality Norðurþing. It has a population of