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Hvítserkur Sea Stack

Located in North West Iceland on the Vatnsnes Peninsula. The distance from Reykjavik by road is 229 km (142 mi), approxymately 3 hours drive by car. From Hvammstangi it’s only a 43 minutes drive to Hvítserkur. Hvítserkur sea stack is a basalt sea stack about 15 m high and close to the coast. It has two holes at its base, which give it the appearance of an animal drinking. Some say it resembles a dragon, an elephant or a rhino. Hvítserkur is easily accessible from the Ring Road by 30 km of gravel road. From the parking site at Hvítserkur there is a walking path to a timber sightseeing platform for viewing Hvíserkur as well as a hiking trail to Ósar, where seals can often be seen.

Hvítserkur parking lot GPS : 65.603599, -20.639580


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