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Höfn í Hornafjörður (GPS  64°15’10.85″N  15°12’15.91″W) is located in the southeast of Iceland. It has a population of 1670 people. The distance from Reykjavik to Hofn is 457 km ( 283 miles ). There is a  daily scheduled bus between Reykavík and Höfn í Hornafirði. Vatnajökull National Park´s visitor center is in Hornafjörður.

https://www.vatnajokulsthjodgardur.is/en  is located in a building called Gamla búðin. The tourist information centre is located there and an exhibition of the region´s geology and glaciers.


A list of hotels, guesthouses, home stays and camping sites can be found at : (http://tjalda.is/en/hofn/)

Services and leisure

Services and leisure activities include restaurants, coffee houses, swimming pool, 9 hole golf course, guided hiking tours, , glacier tours by jeeps sand snowmobiles.

Annual festivals


The main event of the year is the town festival Humarhátið ( lobster festival ). It takes place on the last weekend in June. Hornafjörður is sometimes called the lobster capital of Iceland, as a large share of the Icelandic lobster catch is landed and processed in Hornafjörður. During the festival, visitors can taste various lobster dishes including the delicious lobster soups. There are a wide range of activities during the weekend as well including live music, dance, concerts, exhibitions and lots more.


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Eskifjörður (65° 4’40.87″N  14° 2’3.11″W) is located in the east coast of Iceland, and has the same name as the fjord. The population is about

Geothermal areas


Reykjafjarðarlaug Pool A swimming pool located in Reykjafjörður, a small fjord within the larger Arnafjörður in the Western Fjords. The water source is a hot



Djúpivogur (GPS: 64.665701, -14.282775) is a small village located in East Iceland on a peninsula on the fjord Berufjörður. The peninsula separates the fjords Berufjörður