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Holuhraun Lava Field

Holuhraun is a new lava field located north of Vatnajökull glacier and south of lake Askja. It was created by fissure eruptions that began in August 2014 and produced a lava field of 85 sq km. There is a geothermal hot pool in the lava field with a temperature ideal for bathing. The pool has been formed by rain water and glacial meltwater which has collected under the lava. The best way to get to Holuhraun is to take road F910 from Dreki camping site, east of Lake Askja. Note the roads from the ringroad to Dreki and from there to Holuhraun are rough gravel roads, so 4×4 WD is mandatory. It should be noted that even if the water running from Holuhraun has perfect temperature for bathing, it cools every year, so by winter it might be too cold for bathing.

GPS: 64.934236, -16.508986


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