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Hjálparfoss is located in Þjórsárdalur valley in South Iceland. It is situated close to where the rivers Fossá and Þjórsá join in the lava fields north of the active volcano Hekla. It is a double waterfall that is joined at its base into a pool surrounded by lava cliffs. The name Hjálparfoss means Helping waterfall, as the area surrounding Hjálparfoss was the first vegetative area to graze horses after a long journey by Sprengisandur route from North Iceland to South Iceland. Hjálparfoss is easily accessable, and has a parking lot close by .There are wooden paths as well as a viewing platform in the front of the waterfall.

GPS :  64.114624, -19.853706

Car park GPS:  64.114398, -19.853234

Getting there :

-Take road 1 from Reykajvik east, pass town Selfoss.

– Left turn to road 30, intersection roads 1 and 30 (GPS 63.952948, -20.698537)

– Right turn to road 32, intersection roads 30 and 32 (GPS 64.046139, -20.411697)

-Road 32 is a gravel road.

-Right turn to the car park by Hjálparfoss, intersection road 32 towards car park road (GPS 64.120782, -19.844361)


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