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Háifoss is located near the volcano Hekla in the south of Iceland. In the river Fossá, Háifoss drops from a height of 122 m. It is the fourth highest waterfall of Iceland, after Morsárfoss, Glymur and Hengifoss. Next to it is the waterfall, Granni. Háifoss is located on the edge of the highlands and it can be tricky to find it. Therefore a detailed GPS and road information is given here below. Driving to Háifoss should not be done unless you have 4×4 as part of the road, especially road 322 is a rough gravel road and not suited for regular cars. The road 332 to Háifoss is about 8 km.

GPS : 64.206796, -19.678806

Car park GPS : 64.206827, -19.678675

Getting there :

Distance from Reykjavík: 134 km

-Take road 1 from Reykajvik east, pass town Selfoss.

– Left turn to road 30, intersection roads 1 and 30 ( GPS 63.952948, -20.698537)

– Right turn to road 32, intersection roads 30 and 32 ( GPS 64.046139, -20.411697)

-Road 32 is a gravel road.

– Left turn to road 332, intersection roads 32 and 332 ( GPS 64.153620, -19.672619)

– Left turn to road to the car park by Háifoss, intersection car park road and road 332

GPS 64.208670, -19.670650

The road to the car park is about 450 meters long and there is a short walk of about 200 meters from the car park to view Háifoss.


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