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Located in the river Jokulsar a fjollum in the north east of Iceland, a part of Jokulsargljufur,  the largest canyon in Iceland. Further  downstream to the north about 2,5 km from the famous  Dettifoss, one of the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Hafragilsfoss has a drop of 27 meters ( 89 feet ) and has a width of 90 meters ( 300 feet ), and is a part of  Vantnajökul´s National park.  It is possible to view Hafragilsfoss both from the east and west bank.

The east bank.

Take road 864 to the Hafragils parking area and a short walk to get a  great view over Hafragilsfoss. This is the deepest part of the canyon, around 100m high and it is not advised to go closer to the waterfall by going down to the lowland.

How to get there:

Take road 864 from road 1, intersection GPS 65.626350, -16.178023.

Intersection at road 864 to parking area of Hafragilsfoss  GPS 65.839644, -16.394883.

It is only a few kilometres from there to the parking area.

The west bank.

A small parking area east of Hafragil, close to Dettifoss parking area, the walking distance is 9 km ( circle ) and takes about 3 hours. This walking trail will take you to the lowland close to  Hafragilsfoss.

Warning :  This trail is not for those who are afraid of heights. It is a steep trail with large boulders  and a, risk of falling rocks.

How to get there:

Take road 862, from road 1, at intersection GPS 65.626381, -16.177976.

Drive to the parking area of Dettisfoss  GPS 65.811601, -16.400456, and seek further information at the tourist information there before taking the trail to Hafragilsfoss

Hafragilsfoss GPS: 65.832429, -16.398249


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