Gjárfoss og Gjáin

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Gjárfoss and Gjáin

Located in upper part of  Þjórsárdalur Valley in South Iceland at the edge of the Icelandic highlands. Gjáin is a small canyon with two small waterfalls, a pool, lava caves and lush vegetation. Gjáin is an oasis compared to its desert-like surroundings. Gjárfoss is the bigger of the two waterfalls in the Rauðá river. In season 4 of Game of Thrones, Gjáin was one of the filming location of episode 5 . It is a  short walk from the museum Saga age farm Stöng, about 20 minutes. When visiting Hjálparfoss and Háifoss waterfalls, Gjáinn is a great place to stop by.

GPS: 64.149051, -19.736615


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