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Flateyri  (GPS N66°03´07.82 W23°30´49.58″) is located in Onundarfirdi in the Westfjords. It has a population of 200 people. The distance from Reykjavík is 439 km ( 272 miles ).


A list of guesthouses and camping sites can be found at : (http://tjalda.is/en/flateyri/).

Services and leisure

Services and leisure activities include a restaurant, coffee house, sea angling , fishing , kayak rentals, swimming pool, guided hiking. Audio guide devices can also be rented at the gas station of Flateyri. The old bookstore, ´Gamla bokabudin´ is a space to buy second hand books as well as learn more about the history of Flateyri. Other interesting activities include the doll museum at Flateyri- http://www.id-museum.com/ and the nonsense museum, a collection from people who collect strange things- https://www.museumguide.is/the-nonsense-museum/


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