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Faxi is located in South Iceland and is situated in the river Tungufljót, about 10 km away from Geysir geothermal area and just a few km away from the Golden Circle route. The waterfall is about 90 metres wide (300 feet) and drops 4 metres (12 feet). It is close to the famous Golden Circle, Geysir and the  Gullfoss waterfall. On some maps, Faxi is named Vatnsleysufoss (Waterless Falls). The waterfall is full of salmon and is a popular fishing spot.

GPS: 64.224551, -20.336065


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Reyðarfjöður (GPS  65° 1’59.80″N 14°13’9.25″W) is located in East Iceland, part of the municipality Fjarðarbyggð. Reyðarfjörður is situated by a fjord with the same name.



Þórshöfn (66°11’56.45″N ; 15°20’13.71″W) is a small village in Northeast Iceland, part of the municipal Langanesbyggð. It has a population of 360 people and the



Vopnafjörður  (65°45’16.47″N   14°49’36.62″W) is located in Northeast Iceland. It has a population of 530 people. The distance from Reykjavík is 620 km ( 385 miles