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Djúpivogur (GPS: 64.665701, -14.282775) is a small village located in East Iceland on a peninsula on the fjord Berufjörður. The peninsula separates the fjords Berufjörður and Hamarsfjörður. The population of Djúpivogur is approximately  450 people. Today the main industry in Berufjordur is salmon farming.


Accomodation options include  hotels, guesthouses, hostels, youth hostel and a camping site located near the center of the village. It has facilities like electricity for motor homes, cooking , washing machines and showers.

Services and leisure

Services in Djúpivogur include restaurant , coffeehouse, grocery store, auto repair, banking and  healthcare.  Leisure activities include a swimming pool, visiting interesting museums such as Auðunn´s stone  minerals collection and JFS handcraft museum.  Another novelty is sailing to the Island Papey. Since 1975, Papey has been  listed as IBA or important bird area by Birdlife international , ( ). Papey is about 2 sq km in size and there is a boat trip daily from Djúpavogur to Papey during the summer. A  round trip includes  hiking on the island which takes about 4 hours.

Annual Festival

Hammondhátíð ( Hammond festival)

It is a cultural festival to promote and honor the Hammond organ. Musicians come from all over Iceland and with the local musicians perform alongside the hammond organ producing excellent music.. The festival takes place on the first day of summer in Iceland, which is the first Thursday after the 18th of April .


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