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Búðardalur is in West Iceland (GPS N65° 6′ 31.41″ W21° 45′ 54.79″) It has a population of 280 people.The distance from Reykjavík is 153 km ( 95 miles ) by road.


A list of guesthouses, camping can be found at:  (http://tjalda.is/en/budardalur/).

Services and Leisure

Services include a resturant, coffee house. There is a Leifsbúð, often offering various exhibitions and  tourist information https://leifsbud.is/.

A short distance from Búðardal is Eiriksstaðir, where one can learn about the history of the Viking age, stories, craftmanship and clothing of the Vikings http://eiriksstadir.is/en/.

Annual festival

Heim I Budardal

In the second weekend of July, the festival “Heim í Búðardal” takes place. Guests are offered traditional lambsoup by local residents with live music, a strong man competition, box car rally and dance at Dalabúð.


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