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Located on the Reykjanes Peninsula. A large, natural rock pool formed by endless surf breaking on the lava rocks of the coast. People do not usually bathe here due to the tides and the water temperature, which can be close to sea temperature. It is an impressive place to watch waves crash on to the rocky cliffs. A platform has been built to make visiting easier and safer. Brimketill is located a few km away from the town Grindarvík. From the parking lot, there is a walking trail which takes just a few minutes towards Brimketill. Beware to get too close to Brimketill as one has to walk on rocky terrain and it can be slippery.

Parking lot GPS: 63.820367, -22.606207


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Skógafoss is located in South Iceland, on the river Skógá. It is 62 metres high (203 feet) and 15 metres wide (50 feet). It falls



Hólmavík (GPS  65°42’5.94″N 21°40’57.38″W) is located at the Westfjords in northwest Iceland.It is by the fjord Steingrímsfjöður, and the largest settlement in the Strandi region.



Litlanesfoss is located in North East Iceland next to the Lagarfljót Lake and close to the largest forest in Iceland, Hallormstaðarskógur. It is 30 meters