Borholan í Kellingafjöllum

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Borholan Kellingafjöll- Borholholan  Pool in The Kerlingafjöll Mountains

The Kerlingafjöll Mountains are located close to Hofsjökull glacier on the highland route Kjalvegur. It used to be a mountain skiing resort, open and popular for skiing during summertime as well as a popular skiing school. Over the last 20 years, there has not been enough snow for skiing in kerlingafjöll and therefore the skiing elevator has been removed. However today it is popular for hiking and there is a camping site  at Kerlingafjöll. In the year 2002 , drilling began for hot water and close to the river Ásgarðsá , 36° degree hot water was found. It was not hot enough for heating hotels and other houses at kerlingafjöll resort, but the hot water is used for bathing at a spot called Borholan. The geothermal pool, Borholan, is about a 40 minute walk, on a marked trail, from the camping site In Kerlingafjöll.

Camping site at kerlingafjöll GSP: 64.683566, -19.301254


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