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Borgarnes is located in West Iceland (GPS N64° 32′ 38.988″ W21° 54′ 46.445″) with a populaton of 1900 people. The distance from Reykjavik is approximately 75 km ( 46 miles ) by road.


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Services and leisure

Services include restaurants, grocery stores , bank , pharmacy and auto repair.

Leisure activities include a swimming pool, an 18 hole golf course. Also the Settlement center museum ( ) and Borgarnes museum ( )

Annual festival


This is a festival to honor the slave, Þorgerðar Brákar from The Icelandic Saga, Egil Skallagrimsson. She saved Egils Skallagrimsonar life and sacrificed herself in doing so. Brakarhatidin occurs on the last Saturday in June every year. The whole town is decorated and celebratory. Various ongoing activities begins with a 5km/10km running competition, mud wrestling, Viking games and sailing amongst others. The festival ends with live music and dance, usually performed by a well known Icelandic band.


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Natural attractions


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