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Bolungarvík (GPS (66° 9’17.68″N ; 23°15’6.43″W) is located on the Westfjords in the northwest of Iceland. It has a population of 900 people. The distance from Reykjavik is approximately 468 km ( 290 miles ) by road. The largest town in the Westfjords, Isafjordur is located just 15 km from Bolungarvik. There is a daily daily bus schedule from Ísafjörður to Bolungarvik.


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Note there is tourist information by the camping site.

Services and leisure

Services include grocery store, restaurants and auto repair.

Leisure activities include a swimming pool and 9 hole golf course. There is salmon fishing in the river Ósá and trout fishing in the lake Miðfalsvatn. The license for fishing can be bought at the Shell gas station in Bolungarvík. There are guided hiking tours, as well sightseeing by a boat. Take a look in the Natural History Museum in Bolungarvik ( ) as well as Ósvör maritime museum ( )

Annual festival


The music festival Porskurinn ( The Cod ) takes place during the Fishermen´s day first weekend in June.It occurs every year and is a celebratory time.


In the middle of September, Óhliðarhlaup competition takes place. This is a mini Ironman trialathon event consisting of 700 meters swimming, 17 km biking, and 7 km running.


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