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Located on the Reykjanes Peninsula in a lava field close to Keflavík Airport. It is about 7,000 square metres (75,300 square feet), and 1.4 metres at its deepest. The Blue Lagoon contains about 9 million litres of water at a temperature of 37°C to 40°C (98-104°F). The water is a superheated mixture of freshwater, geothermal- and seawater pumped from a depth of over 1000 metres. Before being fed into the lagoon via heat exchanger the water is used to produce electricity. The water is rich in silica algae and minerals, but it is the silica that gives the lagoon its blue milky color. The Blue Lagoon is approximately 30  minutes drive from Reykjavík, and  there are scheduled bus trips daily  between The Blue Lagoon and Reykjavík area.

Parking lot GPS: 63.881553, -22.453721


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Geothermal areas

Gamla laugin

Gamla laugin- The Secret Lagoon. The Secret Lagoon is located in Hverahólmar  in the village Flúðir. It has been connected to the Golden Circle since



Skógafoss is located in South Iceland, on the river Skógá. It is 62 metres high (203 feet) and 15 metres wide (50 feet). It falls



Hella (63°50’2.72″N  20°23’52.79″W) is located in South Iceland, by the river Ytri-Rangá. It has a  population of 830 people. The distance from Reykjavík is 94