Bláhylur Crater Central Highlands

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Bláhylur is a Crater in Southern Highlands close to the better known Landmannalaugar. It is a crater formed after an explosive eruption that took place over 1100 years ago. Bláhylur crater means “blue pool” It has unimagineable contrast of the blue water in the crater and the black lava ash surroundings. As it is deep in the highland, about 600 meters above sea level,  one has to take road F208. A  big 4×4 WD is a must. This road is usually just open  2 months during the summer months. Bláhylur crater is a wonderful place to visit.

GPS 64.052091, -19.037352


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Tálknafjörður (GPS 65°37’32.70″N  23°49’8.31″W) is located in the westfjords, Northwest Iceland .The poulation is 300 people and distance from Reykjavík 407 km ( 252 miles

Natural attractions

Askja og Víti

Askja og víti  is a sunken crater and it is in the centre of an active volcano system. Lake Askja in the caldera of Askja



Sigöldufoss is located in the highlands of South Iceland. It is next to the power station, Sigölduvirkjun. It used to be a powerful glacial waterfall