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Askja og víti  is a sunken crater and it is in the centre of an active volcano system. Lake Askja in the caldera of Askja is the deepest lake of Iceland, with a depth of more than 200 meters. The lake was formed after the eruption of Askja in 1875. Close to lake Askja is viti or “Hell” which formed at the end of the erupton in 1875.  Water accumulates in the crater and on average the water is about 30° C warm, with depth deepest at the centre  at about 8 meters. Viti has been a popular bathing site but be aware of the slippery sloping path. Askja and Viti are at about 1100 meters above sea level and just passable about 2 months of the year. To get there special 4×4 WD is needed. Close to Dreki service center is a parking lot and  from there it is about one hour hiking to Askja and Víti. Do note that hiking from the parking lot can be over a field of snow even in July so warm clothing and hiking boots are recommended.

GPS 65.046636, -16.729065


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