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Akureyri  (GPS: 65.795765, -18.116790)  is a town in North Iceland. It the the fourth largest town in Iceland after Reykjavík, Kópavogur and Hafnafjörður. The three largest towns are all located in the capital area. Akureyri is sometimes named the capital of North Iceland. It is the main service center for trade and industry in North Iceland . It also has the second largest hospital in Iceland. Akureyri has been developed as a  center of education with  high schools , colleges, art school and the University of Akureyri.


Accomodation options include  hotels, guesthouses, hostels, youth hostels , airbnb, cottages.

Camping sites can be found at two places:

One is in middle of town in Þórunnarstræti  (GPS: 65.677703, -18.098757)  just beside the swimming pool. The other camping site , Hamrar (GPS: 65.648227, -18.105103) is located on the northern side of Kjarnaskógur. There are  excellent facilities at both camping sites, like electricity portals for  camping vans and motor homes, WC and shower, washing machines and Wifi connection.

Services and leisure

Services in Akureyri include include restaurants, coffee houses, grocery stores, health care, auto repair banking, car rentals, liquor store.

Leisure activities include a great swimming pool close to the town´s center, an 18 hole golf course which is in fact the world’s most northerly 18 hole golf course. Every summer the golf tournament, Arctic Open takes places  with games ongoing in the midnight sun. Other activities include kayak rentals, sea angling, fjord sailing, and whale watching. One of the best skiing resort is next to Akureyri with many people visiting during the winter.

Annual Festival

AK Extreme

AK Extreme takes place in April every year, a snowboarding competition  at the town´s skiing resorts. A big jump set is also set up in downtown Akureyri.

Ein með Öllu

This town festival occurs in the first weekend in August every year. There are live concerts, dancing , markets, firework exhibiton and much more.


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