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Akranes is located at the west coast of Iceland; (GPS N64°19 17.75 W22°4 28.77). It has a population of  6600 people. The distance from Reykjavík by road is 47 km (30 miles), approximately a 45 min drive by car. It is also possible to take a city bus between Reykjavík and Akranes.


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Services and Leisure

Services in Akranes include grocery stores, swimming pool, State liquor store, golf course and the Akranes folk museum ( ). Another highlight , the Akranes lighthouse has become so popular a tourist information centre is now based there. Note the  opening hours as the lighthouse keeper welcomes guests and gives an overview of the history of the building(

Annual festivals

Irskir dagar (

Every year in early July, the Irish days festival takes place in Akranes. A fun festival celebrating the Irish roots of Akranes, as the first settlers were Irish. A definite highlight of this festival has to be the competition of finding the most red headed Icelander!


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